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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Arctic Football Forum. Entrevista / Interview.

Los días 28 y 29 de Mayo se celebrará en Helsinki, Arctic Football Forum. Se trata de una serie de conferencias, sobre el fútbol en el marco de los países Nórdicos, Bálticos y Rusia.
Diferentes y variados temas, tales como modelos de negocios, marketing, comunicación, métodos de entrenamiento, serán tratados por los diferentes ponentes y oradores, durante los dos días que durará el forum. Conferencias orientadas sobre todo a técnicos, directivos, periodistas,sponsor, agentes, y en general a todo aquel, cuyo medio de vida esté relacionado con el fútbol.
Al enterarme de la celebración de dicho forum, me puse en contacto con el Ville Simola (AFF Media), ya que tenía la intención de conocer más a fondo sobre éste evento. Ville me puso en contacto con el CEO del evento, Jussi Leppälahti, al cúal tuve la oportunidad de enviar unas preguntas que fueron contestadas amablemente por el Sr. Leppälahti y que reproduzco literalmente (en inglés):

Next 28th and 29th of May it will be held in Helsinki Arctic Football Forum. As they write in the website of the event, it is the "leading football conference in the Nordics, Baltics and Russia. We are developing football knowledge and practices by uniting the region's football professionals and providing cutting edge content from world class speakers".
Different conferences and issues will take part of this forum, such as business models, marketing, communications, coaching methods, etc..Those conferences will be orientated to different professional of the football enviroment, especially coaches and technical staff, business staff, investors, sponsors, agents, media...
As soon as I knew about the forum, I contacted Ville Simola (AFF Media), because I wanted to know something else about the event. Thanks to Ville, I had the chance to send some questions to the CEO of AFF, Mr. Jussi Leppälahti, who kindly answered those questions which I write literally:

1.- What is AFF?
Arctic Football Forum is a football conference for all Nordic and Baltic football professionals and enthusiasts. Our goal is to stop hiding behind lack of resources and enhance the football development at the Arctic region by bringing world-class speakers to share information.
2.- When it was founded? Who had the idea of the Forum?
Ville-Pekka Inkilä said to me in a lunch table in spring 2013:"I have a proposition for you, I will send it by e-mail and I want you to think about it." So I did.
3.- Was it difficult to explain and get support from the different sponsors?
Yes it was and is. Very difficult. Selling a product or a service is much easier when you actually have one existing but since we do this first time now, it is difficult to get people to understand to power of a football conference.
4.- Ticket?  Are ticket being sold as expected (even there are still 2 months time  for the  forum)?
Of course we would like every coach, every marketing director, every physio etc to buy the ticket but that is not possible so our goal is to just focus on the content and deliver as best as we can. If people like it, we are happy, if not, then they don't. We don't take too much pressure on ticket sales. We know it is difficult to do something for the first time and to change culture. Today we have 70 of those who understand the value of this, we hope to get 70 more.
5.- Attendance.. This question is also in relation with tickets, invitations, etc.. Do you expect many "foreigners" at the exhibition?
Yes, we have sold some tickets outside Finland also but we want it to be more international. For example clubs and organisations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark struggle with same kind of challenges regarding player development as us, this conference is for everyone in the Arctic region.
6.- Is the media interest in the forum? Do you think you will get a great coverage from them? I think it would be important the support from "media" as I consider the event really worth it.
The event is def worth it, this has never been done before in this context. Also, changing league systems or type of balls or getting a draw in Spain once in 5 years with a defensive battle are nice things but to get the development really going on we need to work on our level of competence and level of player development. And this is an answer to that. I am not surprised however that we havent had much interest from the media because we all know how sports media works nowadays...
7.- What do you expect for the 1st conference in Helsinki?
To have such an effect that people who attend and are serious about player development and club management and marketing, get lots of concrete tools to develop their own expertise and convert that in to the field and their organisations.
8.- Are you already considering a "second" conference in another Nordic or Baltic country?
No we are not considering the future yet.
9.- I read you are also a football coach (I am in Kups juniorit) in Honka U-12... so, what doy you think about the football in Finland? Is Finland working properly with young players?
Yes. Difficult to say. I know we have lots of challenges: level of coach education, how we define skill, how we teach skill in football, how we approach tactics in football, how we understand what technique means and other important terms, etc etc. So lots of basic things we seem to not understand, instead want to simplify. But then again, we have a new generation of coaches and sports managers growing so I put my hope (the little I have left) in that new generation. The new generation that is led by Bana Lehkosuo, Simo Valakari, Kimmo Eronen, Tuukka Uimonen, Aki Riihilahti... and many more.
10.- Do you think Suomi have a good chance to get the Euro 2016?.. I think it is not going to be easy (although some people is really confident about) and the matches in Helsinki will be the key to get in.
Yes, I agree. I personally think Suomi doesn't have a good chance. It is a surprise if that happens. Also one thing is that if we make it, what does that mean. Does that mean we have done things right and are developing or does that mean we were lucky? This is why we need to focus on us and our development instead of National team results in short term.

Puedes acceder a toda la información sobre las conferencias en la página web / You can get all the information about the Conference in the website: www.arcticfootballforum.com